Organizations across the globe want quick solutions to complex problems. We provide solutions for Efiling of excise returns using the software developed by UDYOG Software India Limited. From converting manual documentation into soft documents & automating the filing process, India has come a long way in efiling. We offers a simple & quick tool for converting source data and mapping to Udyog Software requirements for generating the XML required for efiling. This tool is useful for customers who do not have a product from Udyog to maintain this data, but use their own ERPs or tool to maintain data, but require to efile their data

Features :

  • Convert any Excel format to Custom Udyog Format like Form 2 XML in zip format
  • Simple user interface to get field details by selecting on the Excel Sheet and the field Name
  • User can easily Map Excel Schema information to the Document and Invoice fields by Drag and Drop
  • Application validates for appropriate Mapping of Data type
  • Supports one Sheet conversion; both document and Invoice in one Sheet and two Sheet conversion; Invoice and Document in separate Sheets

What to Expect?

Hassle Free Mapper Tool to help you with efiling process

Advantages :

  • Easily Map Excel Schema information by drag & drop
  • Validates appropriate Maping of Data type
  • One-time mapping; stored for later use
  • Easy to understand Help File
  • Simple User Interface
  • Clear Error Log to identify errors easil

Support :

  • Support is ensured by Annual Support Agreements with customer in terms of AUS /AMC
  • Includes provision for upgrades and patches
  • Includes periodic upgrades to product to improve functionality & implement changes in Indian taxation compliance requirements
  • Installation Support
  • Training Support
  • Bug fixing including patch updates for bugs reported by customer and telephonic assistance
  • Specific technical issue based support
  • Valid for a period of 1 year and can be renewed at the end of each year