Visual Udyog is an easy to use indirect taxation software that provides an accurate and integrated solution to handle both your business and tax compliance needs.

Indirect taxation process in any organization needs be handled carefully as it not only involves legal risks but also because it consumes 16-22% of the operating profit. With the complexity and constantly changing norms of taxation, it is very difficult to keep for organizations to keep track of the changes and adopt accordingly. Visual Udyog allows organizations to focus on their core business while the software takes care of automating the organization’s business functions while managing to be in sync with the changing taxation rules and compliance requirements.

Visual Udyog handles all types of Indirect taxes like Excise Manufacturing, Excise Trading, Service TAX, VAT, TDS, GTA, Work Contract Tax. It also comes with core business modules like financial accounting, inventory and order processing, business intelligence which would assist you in streamlining the entire process within the organization. With increased process efficiency you could control the cost involved in the entire process flow.

Visual Udyog is designed in such a way that it not only facilitates the day-to-day activities management but also helps you in making strategic decisions. With the MIS reports and Business Intelligence reports with features like zoom-in and drill down functionalities, Visual Udyog could assist you in the decision making process.

Visual Udyog Enterprise also offers you the option to customize based on the specific needs of your industry or organization. We have a team of technical specialists and business analysts who could work with you in understanding your specific requirements and implementing them to satisfy your specific needs.