Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, delivers enterprise ERP capabilities within a single, cloud-based business application. Supply chain, financials, sales and purchase orders, inventory, production, and distribution processes are seamlessly connected all in one app. You gain the visibility and digital intelligence your organization needs to optimize operational efficiency, deliver outstanding customer experiences and accelerate growth.

Financial management

Create more efficient processes, deliver robust reporting and analytics, and ensure regulatory compliances.

  • Decrease time to value and facilitate faster, more confident decisions using roll-based workspaces with embedded analytics
  • Adapt to changing business requirements by tailoring chart of accounts, dimensions, and account structure rules
  • Provide checks and balances using process automation, encumbrance, budget planning, budget control, three-way matching and approval workflows.
  • Efficiently track, increase and decrease in values and reduce reporting errors by automatically managing capitalized assets through fixed assets module.
  • Drive margin revenue growth with a centralized, global financial management solution that delivers robust financial intelligence in real time.


Bring agility and efficiency to your manufacturing by using an integrated solution that optimizes production planning, project management, operations and activity scheduling, and cost management.

  • Create your ideal manufacturing recipe and support your manufacturing processes throughout the supply chain with unified solution
  • Optimize manufacturing principles for each product family and bill of materials, including make to stock, make to order, pull to order, configure to order, and engineer to order
  • Accelerate your manufacturing material and finished goods flow with advanced warehouse management, handheld scanner support, and logistics management
  • Optimize scheduling across the organization with a unified resource model and scheduling engine with real time visibility.

Improve product quality of finished goods by identifying and resolving issues through real-time insights and predictive intelligence.

Supply chain

Digitally transform your supply chain with advanced warehouse and inventory management to optimize visibility and fulfillment, product insights, material sourcing, and integrated logistics.

  • Optimize order fulfillment and reduce delivery costs by synchronizing activities across sites, warehouses, and transportation modules
  • Enable faster response to customer demand by seamlessly automating order-to-cash processes
  • Streamline procurement costs and gain more control by automating and streamlining procure-to-pay processes
  • Get insight and control across all sites and warehouses operations and inventories
  • Automate prospect-to-cash processes by integrating with Dynamics 365 for Sales

Project Management

Complex projects require robust project management processes. Advanced Project Management module builds on the solid core of Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations to give you complete flexibility and control of the ongoing projects.

  • Multi-view Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)  provides complete control over quotations, budgets and project progress
  • Predictive maintenance through auto-generated work orders based on usage and project assets history
  • Better subcontractor management by progress-based subcontractor billing managed through the WBS of the ongoing project
  • Total visibility of project costs, including equipment and materials, through Cost Breakdown Structures with definable cost codes for activities and transactions
  • Planning integrated with material and resource planning, including material availability for the various in progress projects
  • Inventory management of multi-level project inventories and planning with price, cost and availability of project inventories

Safe guarding of project profitability by maintaining adequate margins at any WBS level by analyzing item, resource and expenses costs of WBS level

Adaptable platform

  • Adapt the application to changing needs with no-code visual editors and flexible tools for building web and mobile apps.
  • Reduce the cost and complexity of operating a infrastructure with the trusted Microsoft cloud platform providing state-of-the-art security and compliance.

Benefit from enterprise grade Service Level Agreements, round-the-clock tech support and built-in disaster recovery to protect data and workloads without the additional costs of a data center.