Localized Tax (GST) Compliant Billing System

1)  Generate sales and purchases reports to track your business progress and statutory compliant reports to track compliances.


  • Create Sales Report

Track sales by item, customers and salesperson. Run customer balances, invoice aging reports to identify payments that need to be collected


  • Produce Purchase Reports

Get insights on purchase activities.Track Purchase Order in their various stages, vendor balances, bills issued,and expenses by category


  • Obtain Tax Reports

Generate Tax liability reports in seconds. Track sales by tax authority,states, taxable items, or tax-exempt customers. You can also keep a record of taxes paid or tax adjustment


2)  GST Billing System – Features


Access Control

  • Successfully signed in user’s access only functions permitted with role based authentication.
  • Organisation can track all activities/changes done by the users across all screens with complete details.


One-to-Many Infrastructure

  • Create multiple Sub-Organisations with Multiple GSTIN’s and further manage their Shipping To and Shipping From locations.
  • Create, Edit and manage all your Masters with in the cloud-ready billing system.



  • Highly scalable system for managing any number of users across multiple Locations.
  • Multiple users can perform transactions at the same time form the different Locations.


Input Tax Credit

  • Computes available/eligible Input Tax Credit.
  • Helps in adjusting the Input Tax Credit against multiple payables, post reconciliation.


GST Returns Reconciliations

  • Eliminates the need for dependency on ASP/GSP.
  • Integration with enComply to process GST Returns do Reconciliations.


Payments Receipts

  • Allocate Payments Receipts from the invoice screen itself with well-designed user friendly navigations.
  • Adjusting the total amount across multiple invoices form a single screen for Receivables and Payables.



  • Helps you to view graphical representation of Paid Invoices, Outstanding Invoices, Overdue Invoices across both Receivables and Payables, and top 5 vendors and customers in the dashboard.
  • Scope for easy navigation to sales and purchase screens for better analysis.


Batch Process

  • Enables importing of data from external business systems in multiple formats, and then processing the data for return filling.
  • An option to generate printable PDF files and deposit to a Network Folder with FTP synchronization.


Smart System

  • Minimum manual inputs required for populating maximum information for invoice preparation as per GSTN recommended format.
  • Applicable Tax amount can be automatically calculated based on HSN/SSC, and place of supply.



3) Process Flow

Process Flow


4) Advantages


  • WPF based smart client integrated with Cloud hosted services database
  • Client application supporting real time offline transactions
  • Single system for Transaction Management, Invoice Generation and Tax Processing
  • Bulk processing of Sales and Purchase orders with Tax Determination
  • Downloadable Printable GSTN compliant tax invoices
  • Synchronization of Master data, Sales order Purchase order data with other enterprise systems/ERPs